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Something Great is Coming

The Home of Grace is excited to announce that major improvements are coming for graduates of the program. With thousands of alumni across the country and hundreds added every year, we have recognized a major need to help alumni stay connected and strengthen their commitment to a life of freedom from addiction.

Immediate Objectives


First and foremost, we want our alumni to stay connected and in-check with their sobriety as they live their new life of freedom in Christ.


Immediately after graduation, new alumni members will be welcomed into their home alumni group where they can find a church, available work and other resources.


Word of mouth is by far the most effective referral for someone seeking help from their addiction. Local alumni groups will have tremendous influence in their community.

Future Objectives


Equipping alumni with the tools needed for counseling and mentorship offers a scalable and sustainable solution to provide continual help for clients after leaving the program.


Crowdfunding among alumni could provide a massive opportunity to provide legacy scholarships for men and women who can’t afford the cost of recovery.

New Locations

As alumni see a growing need in their area for Christ-centered addiction recovery, they can work together to plant sister campuses across the country.


Phase 1


In progress. Form Gatherings in regions with heavy populations of Home of Grace alumni. Alumni leaders will organize local meetings in their area (2nd Saturday of every month) grouped by gender, refer local clients to the Home of Grace, and welcome new alumni into their group.

Phase 2


Introduce Circles, small groups of 3 to 8 alumni within their Gathering for deeper accountability. Circle leaders will begin working toward earning their Christian addiction counseling certification.

Phase 3


Develop Alumni Chapters, the collective governance of all Alumni within multiple regions. This level of organization will provide by-laws and committee oversight for the continual growth and sustainability of the Home of Grace Alumni Association.